Training Alert!! Bodice 2 Bustier MasterClasss

26 Sep

Our signature course is here again and this time it's online.

The 'Bodice To Bustier Masterclass is specially for beginners who CAN SEW and would like to learn how to confidently draft well fitting patterns from scratch and make gorgeous dresses.

We will be using the WhatsApp messenger app for the whole training period.

Wanna know what you will be learning?

Just keep  scrolling down.

In 20 days, you will be able to draft your own bodice block using your own measurements, make gorgeous bustier and monostrap dresses, create your own jumpsuit that fits perfectly.

Topics covered:

  • Bodice block drafting - You will learn how to draft the bodice block for different U.K sizes and then create your own customized bodice block.
  • Bodice - You will learn how to add darts, create princess darts (Bust cut).
  • Skirts - You will learn how to make your own skirt block, then create pencil and panel skirts.
  • Trousers - Imagine learning how to create your own fitted trousers and then going on to make super stylish draped trousers, capri pants, jumpsuits and even bum shorts. Yes!! You will learn it all.
  • Capes - Enrol for 'B2BM" and learn how to make a fitted cape which you can wear with either a skirt or trouser you have sewn.
  • Sleeves - Flared sleeves and mutton sleeves are in vogue this season. Come and learn how to make different varieties of these sleeves coupled with fitted sleeves.
  • Contoured dresses - These is the game changer. You must definitely find these dresses on ladies at any owambe party in Nigeria; Bustiers,  halter neck and monostrap dresses.

       And guess what, you will learn how to make them in your body measurements.

How cool is this?

Plus the mode of teaching would be videos, pictorial illustrations and text.

 Every day by 12 noon, a video on a new topic will be sent for students to watch and prepare for the class at 5pm. Then at 5pm, the topic would be taught and dissected using step by step pictorial illustrations.

The training would hold from Monday to Friday from the 14th of October to the 8th of November (4 weeks).

And guess how much all this amazing workshop costs?


                       Just 5k.

Benefits of taking this course

1. You get to learn a skill that earns you money. You can start making beautiful bustier dresses and jumpsuits for your customers and by December, cash out on holiday orders. 

2. This is a lifetime opportunity. This course is valued at 200k going by what most fashion schools charge for a 3 months course but its going for only 5k.

Don't wait till the next time because the price is going up. Its 10k after October 7th.

3. You will have access to the training videos FOREVER. Once you download them, you will always have these videos on the go.

                  This is the time to make up your mind.

     How do I pay

1) Card -  Click here to register and pay :

2) SMS or Bank transfer / Deposit - Pay 5000 Naira to 0052910561  GTB Tobilola Ajibola

Still want to talk to us on WhatApp right , Click here to join ourWhatsApp Question & Answer group  - CLICK HERE NOW

N.B  We created a cool animation video to advertise B2BM. Check it out below.

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