Building an entrepreneurial mindset

29 Nov

FashionCity got selected to participate in the Ayada Labs incubator.

We are already in week 3 and we are just getting started on the amazing curriculum.

We would like to share some nugget some of the courses we are currently reading.

This article is on "6 tips for growing with an entrepreneurship mindset" by Arash Asti, the CEO and Co-founder of Yocale, an online scheduling platform for appointment based businesses, is such a great read.

I will summarise the major tips I have gleaned.

Arash describes the entrepreneurial mindset as a certain way of thinking, approaching challenges and mistakes. He says it is about an inherent need to improve your skillset and to try and try again.

1) The first tip is to keep revisiting your vision on a daily basis and I agree with him. I think entrepreneurs get overwhelmed sometimes when they are achieving short term goals and so, they tend to stray away from the long term vision. But by keeping your long term vision in the picture daily, you will always make the right decisions towards achieving the long term goals.

2) Put yourself in challenging situations. I believe there is no point in running away from tough situations as it is to make you a stronger brand in the long run

In my second year at Olabisi Onabanjo University, I stumbled on an audio sermon by Poju Oyemade on a certain fascinating topic called: If life was a game, rules in playing it. 

There were many rules but the rule I never forget about is the rule that says this: For every level in life, there are lessons to master and strategies to use to overcome adversity before moving to the next level.He didn't phrase it this way exactly but that's how I understand that rule. 

Everytime I remember this rule, I also remember the brick game pad I enjoyed playing as a child( You know the game boy device that had more than 10 brick games in it. I guess I got to level 10 or 11 after mastering the lessons for each level. I also remember some boys bragging about getting to higher levels and seeing some new features, anyways, I will use a game you might be familiar with to explain exactly what this rule means to me.

If you have ever gone out of data while browsing with Chrome on your phone or simply lost access to the internet while browsing, you will notice this jumping dinosaur game that comes up. If you click on the screen, the dinosaur starts to move.

The idea of the game is to keep the dinosaur moving by either jumping over the numerous cactus plants lying on the road, and avoiding the numerous flying monsters.

If life was this dino game, you need to figure out how to jump over the numerous cactus plants at the right time or get hit because the dinosaur moves very fast. Also, in level one, you might encounter the flying monsters and so you will have to jump over it.For level 2, you have to figure out how to move very fast in the dark while avoiding the cactus barriers and the flying monsters. For level 3 and if you have ever played the dino game on your laptop, you will realise that when you get here, (the game is continuous and there is no indication of levels, but if you've played this game enough times, you will notice a change after overcoming some challenges which indicates a level)and you encounter the 2 kinds of flying monsters, you can crouch and avoid the high flying monster using the 'Bottom arrow' button.

And you can avoid the low flying monsters by jumping over them using the 'Top arrow' button.

It basically means learning all the lessons at the stage you are in so that you can move to the next level. If you don't figure out how to jump over the cactus palnts, you cannot get to the next level. If you can't jump over the flying monsters, you will stay stuck and never move. 

In life,aspire to be differnt, do the hard things that people run away from but learn from your mistakes as you go through these hard times because out of the refinement comes the gold / reward / profit /success you are looking for.

I haven't passed the 2000 score mark in the dino game but you bet that I will figure out how other levels look by playing during my leisure time

3) Third tip is to read on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs are always seeking to learn new ways of doing things. Reading helps.The more books you read it about successful people, the more you think like them

4) The fourth tip is to approach problems from all sides and create numerous ways to solve that problem.

5) Tip number five is to provide value on the go. Be a doer and constantly solve problems.

6) The last tip is to be committed  to the vision regardless of whatever obstacles and challenges that comes your way.

I hope this sparks a strong desire in you to do things differently and be commited to growing that business or dream into a thriving reality.

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash 

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